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Disposable Coverall

Blue polyester SMS - L

DISPOSABLE SMS COVERALL. In accordance with Cat. III, type 5 & 6...

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Tyvek head protection

TYVEK HOOD. Disposable hood, white. Elastic band around the face. Dust and lint free...

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Tyvek arm protection

TYVEK CUFF. Disposable cuff, white. Elastic band at wrists and elbow. Dust and lint free...

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White Tyvek coverall with hood - L

TYVEK COVERALL WITH HOOD. Disposable white coverall with hood. Dust and lint free. Elastic band at a..

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Ansell coverall MG1800 1 pc - M

ANSELL OVERALL MG 1800 COMFORT MG 1800 disposable overall offers an excellent balance between comfor..

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Tyvek shoe / piece

GALOSH TYVEK. Disposable overschoes, white. Elastic band in leg piece. Dust and lint free...

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