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Body Shop : Equipment various

Air safety blow gun Extra

BLOW GUN EXTRA. Blow gun with bent barrel. Interior copper thread 1/4 at air inlet. Unique design al..

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Kemtex ION gun

KEMTEX ION GUN Kemtex ION gun to make bodywork anti-static before painting..

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Schutz gun

SCHUTZ GUN. Maintenance free schutz gun, developed to provide a unique, convenient and inexpensive m..

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ML-WAX gun

ML-WAX GUN. Gun to use with 1 L cups. Deliverd with hose with nozzle to treat cavities...

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X-Table with special Heavy Duty foot

TRESTLE. Trestle with special, that avoids that the trestle will slip away in the grids of the spray..

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Paper dispenser + waste bag holder

PAPER DISPENSER AND WASTE BAG HOLDER. Paper dispenser trolley for rolls of cleaning paper, hygienic ..

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Masking machine, wall type

MASKING MACHINE WALL TYPE. Wall mount paper dispenser with serrated bar to tear off sheets of paper..

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Paper dispenser for extra large rolls

PAPER DISPENSER FOR EXTRA LARGE ROLLS. Paper dispenser for rolls up to 40 cm width. Without support..

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Pitcher - 2 L

PITCHER. Plastic pitcher transparent with measurements. Solvent resistant...

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BUMPERSTAND. All bumpers can be fixed onto the stand. Adjustable height and width, turns 180°...

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SPRAY STAND. Multifunctional paint stand for panels, bumpers, doors, hoods, …. Easy to operate panel..

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